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04 March 2014

Activiomics Ltd was acquired by Retroscreen Virology Group plc, as then named, in April 2014.

Retroscreen Virology Group plc has now changed name to hVIVO plc (April 2015) and therefore the Activiomics business is now embraced within the main trading subsidiary, hVIVO Services Ltd.

Please use the “Contact Us” section on this website to make contact with our Business Development team at hVIVO, e-mail businessdevelopment@hvivo.com or phone +44 (0) 20 7756 1300 if you have an immediate enquiry. You can also visit the main hVIVO website at hvivo.com .

The company has developed a suite of advanced, label-free mass spectrometry technologies that enables it to identify and quantify, directly from clinical samples, proteins and phosphoproteins that correlate with the progression of disease and/or the administration of drugs.

Activiomics is able to identify and quantify the global phosphorylation status of cells and tissues, providing a direct read-out of the biological processes that underpin disease progression as well as responses to drug administration. Biomarkers that are the direct modulators of biological processes will therefore yield the high-precision molecular diagnostic products and more relevant drug targets that are needed for the emerging fields of stratified and personalised medicine.

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